March 15, 2015


Dear Kurt,

It was still dark outside when Molly woke up crying because she was in an unfamiliar place. It wasn't long before all four of us were wide awake but we didn't want to roam around the house waking everyone else up so we donned our jackets and flip flops, grabbed the Hawkins, and headed out to the beach to watch the sun rise. 

It chilly and peaceful as we watched the sky slowly fade from dark to light, mixed with pinks and oranges. We didn't stay too long and ended up sitting on the balcony to watch the rest of the sunrise and keep from waking people. 

Later we ate a hearty breakfast: eggs, bacon, pancakes, and juice. Then we threw on our swimsuits, grabbed our gear, and hit the beach by 9:30 am. 

The next few hours were spent digging in the sand for seashells and live sand dollars, paddle boarding, taking failed group jumping photos, practicing handstands and cartwheels, playing 500 with the frisbee, etc. 

Around one we started trickling back toward the house for Nutella and jam sandwiches. 

Once we were fueled up again we headed north to go check out the tide pools where Kurt used his Spanish and haggling skills to get me a good deal on some sun hats. 

The tide pools were a big hit. We found that if we braved sticking our fingers under a rock and flipped it over then we could find a bunch of sand crabs, star fish, sea cucumbers, and even some large crabs. 

Molly found a tiny, baby starfish and proceeded to show everyone within a square mile. I was pretty sure she was going to ask to bring it home with us. 

Next up: dinner. We decided to brave the crowds and headed to the heart of Rocky point where the streets were lined with shops and people and you have to pay some sweet lady who doesn't speak a lick of English to use the bathroom. I lost count of how many times she pet Molly. 

We finally made our way to Flavios. More than one person had recommended it but we should have known better when we walked in and everyone spoke good English and the menu was in English too. The food wasn't that great but we were entertained by the dancers and drummers and the pina coladas were amazing. I'd go back just for those. 

By then it was getting dark. On our way back to the cars we had to push our way through the crowds of spring breakers dancing and blasting their music, local cops lined the sidewalks watching, one being handed a wad of cash. We held our kids close and bee lined it for a quieter area. 

We found a churro stand and we were all throwing our money at them trying to get our hands on the amazing, authentic churros. They were heavenly and the cinnamon sugar blended in with the sand on the floors of our cars. 

Once we got home we watched the kids and they slipped happily, and a little sunburned, into bed. After a couple hours of lounging and talking, us adults joined them.

And that concluded out amazing second day in Mexico. 

Sincerely, Lori