March 17, 2010


Dear Christina,

I'm so glad you are coming this weekend because I am in the middle of a crisis and need your help.

Don't worry it is just a fabric crisis, meaning I have literally been searching the local stores and Internet for hours looking for the perfect fabric to cover my new chair in and I have been mostly disappointed.

Today I ordered more fabric samples online (you can never trust the colors you see on your computer.) Hopefully you will be of some help in choosing my perfect chair fabric cause every time I ask Kurt what he thinks he says "yeah, I like that one too." Grrrr. If only he was a girl. But that would be creepy and weird so I retract that statement and say "If only the fabric stores carried all the fabric I love at a fraction of the price I'm finding them online for."

Ok. So here are the ones I like and ordered samples of. I want a fabric with a large pattern, which some of them have and some don't, and I would prefer a grass green to a lime green.

Lets focus on pattern for now and next week when the rest of my samples come then we can decide on color. (I might just order all of them....)

What do you say? Are you willing to help your indecisive sister?

I hope so.

Sincerely, Lori