March 23, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

Your very first Easter Egg Hunt went down a little like this:

• Your dad got you a nice big plastic bag for all of your Easter eggs you were going to collect, which turned out to be just one. And we didn't even put it in the bag.

• We ran straight for a cute little pink egg which you wouldn't pick up at first because you were mesmerized by the other kids running around.
• I set you on the ground but you were too weirded out with the grass to pay attention to your Easter Egg.

• After all was said and done your dad ate the chocolate out of your egg.

I can't expect much more from you since your only 7 months old and don't even roll over yet but next year I expect a lot of chocolate filled Easter Eggs. For you, of course.

He he.

Sincerely, Lori