July 2, 2010


Dear Mom,

So, last night I found out that there was a piece of gauze stuck in my tooth socket. I don't know how the nurse and I both missed it but it had been up there for almost 36 hours. When I found it I immediately tried pulling it out but it was stuck pretty good.

I kept pulling it out bit by bit but it hurt really bad and it started bleeding like crazy. I was pretty scared that I was going to rip the stitches out or cause some pretty bad damage so I was a wreck. Finally Kurt got me to pull it out all the way.

After that I was okay for about ten minutes until I sent Jill a text telling her what happened and she called me worried that I had pulled the gauze out that the dentist used to pack the wound. She told me to try really hard to stop the bleeding or I would have to go the doctor.

That scared me worse.

I kinda freaked out a little bit because the oral surgeon lives in Utah and I don't have health insurance and it hurt pretty bad.... so I called you. You were able to calm me down and explain what I should do and let me know it was going to be fine and answer all my questions without me even having to ask them. I hung up feeling much much better.

As soon as I hung up Kurt asked me "How does she do it?" He tries really hard and does a good job most of the time but I have to admit sometimes I just need my mommy.

So thank you for always being able to talk me through my freak out moments. You're the best.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori