July 14, 2010


Dear Kurt,

You cannot leave again because as soon as you did disaster struck.

First, Brooklyn fell down the stairs.

I was doing laundry downstairs and had the baby gate off the stairs. Then you called right when Brooklyn woke up from her nap so I put her on the floor in her room and ran to the kitchen to right down a phone number that you were giving me. The next thing I know I hear a thud thud thud on the stairs. I threw my phone and chased her down the stairs. Twice she stopped on the stairs and I almost caught her but when she would move she went tumbling down again.

At the bottom of the stairs I scooped her up and held her tight. She didn't even cry. She only let me hold her for about ten seconds before she wanted to get down and crawl around. She seemed just fine so I called you back only to find out that you were doing 85 mph toward our house and both your parents and your grandma were all on their way to our house. I had to call and explain to everyone that she was perfectly fine and as happy as ever.


Then, Brooklyn hit her head for the first time. She was walking along the coffee table and somehow slipped and smacked her head right on the edge of the table. This time she did cry. Actually she screamed. For over ten minutes. I thought she was going to have a nasty bruise but so far there isn't even a red mark or a bump.

I think the moral of this story is that you cannot leave us again... right?

Sincerely, Lori