July 3, 2010


Dear Kurt,

I know it's not the fourth of July but today we celebrated Independence day anyway.

A little frisbee golf and Panda Express with some Dallen and Katie. And I say a little frisbee golf because there was more trying to knock a frisbee out of a very thick tree then there was actually playing frisbee golf. But I think that was the best part...

Then a little shopping, a picnic, some games in the park, and the amazing Idaho Falls firework show. I do love the Idaho Falls fireworks. They are brilliant.

Then we finished the night with the annual root beer floats at Jill's grandmas.

It was a great day and I always love the fourth of July but I have to admit that I didn't take much time until now to sit and appreciate what we were really celebrating.

We are very lucky to be able to live in this country and be free to live as we choose to. I am extremely grateful to all those who fought to establish those freedoms in a time when doing so could cost them there lives and families. I am also grateful to those who have and are fighting to protect those freedoms. We are blessed.

Sincerely, Lori