February 1, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

You were rubbing your eyes and crying and sucking on your binky and taking really long blinks so I wrapped you up, rocked you to sleep and put you in your swing in the office.

I shut the door cause the neighbor kids were here and I didn't want you to wake up.

A couple times I thought I heard you but when I listened it was silent.

An hour later I put my ear to the door. You were talking. I opened the door and your back was arched so that you could look straight up at the fishies on top of the swing. Whatever you were telling them must have been funny cause you started laughing.

It was the cutest thing I ever did saw.

You are precious. At least you will be until you start screaming at me cause the fishies kept you awake and you are tired.

Maybe this will be you on the way to the library.

Sincerely, Lori