February 4, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

Today you are six months old.

I am not an overly emotional person most of the time but today I felt like crying. My baby is growing way too quickly.

You are half way to one year!! At which point you will be halfway to two and then you will be halfway to four and then halfway to getting baptized and then halfway to being a boy crazy teenager and then you will be halfway to having a family of your own!!

That is it. I am taking you away to Never Never Land so that you can stay like this forever. You can be your six month old self forever and I will be your 23 year old mommy forever.

This way I will always be able to rock you to sleep. Forever.

I will be able to cuddle you whenever I want and you won't squirm away from me. Forever.

You will be content just sitting on my lap. Forever.

I will always be your favorite and you will cry whenever I leave the room even if there are five other people around. Forever.

You will lay on the ground and grab your feet and talk to them. Forever.

I will be able to keep you safe from the world. Forever.

I can't wait till I will be 23 forever and you will be 6 months old forever.

So off to Never Never Land. How do we get there? I'm not sure.

I will google it as soon as I am done writing you this letter.

I love you.


Sincerely, Lori