February 15, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

I love you just they same as I did before you said "Dada" first instead of "Mama." And maybe I even love you more because it is so cute when you say dada dada and it gives me an excuse to hand you to your dad and say "she's asking you to change her diaper."

Just so you know (which I'm sure you do) your daddy loves you soooo much. I love watching the two of you play (and only sometimes having to add "Kurt, do hang her upside down" or "Kurt, don't toss her up that high"). You are the apple of his eye and every time you do something cute or special he looks up with the biggest smile on his face to see if anyone else saw.

He is going to the best dad. He is going to work hard to provide for you, he is going to try his best to teach you right from wrong, he is going to play with you everyday so that you know how loved you are.

I love him.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori