May 3, 2011


Dear Brittney,

So, we decided to run a half marathon in August.

I am not a runner. And you just had a baby. I'm not sure yet, but we might be a little in over our heads.

Well, tonight I decided to get on the ball and go run around the nieghborhood.

To say it went badly would be a huge understatement.

I immediately got a stomach cramp. Probably from eating too much and running too soon after eating.

It was really windy and my ears started to freeze.

Then my lungs started to really hurt.

And then my dinner threatened to make an appearance.

I probably walked just as much as I ran, which wasn't very much. I probably only ran when I saw a car was passing (yes, I am one of those people.)

Finally, I told myself that no matter how much my lungs begged me to walk, I was going to run the whole way home. Let's just say that by the time I got home I could have walked faster then I was running.

I can safely say that I am off to a bad start.

I am a long way off from 13 miles...

Sincerely, Lori