May 27, 2011



Dear Brooklyn,

Let's talk about your nickname.

Your dad and I call you Biz.

It all started soon after you were born.

Your dad started calling you Biz-rooklyn. He thought it was gangsta.

He's cool like that.

Biz-rooklyn was a little long and we were a little lazy so we started calling you Biz-rook.

I hated Biz-rook.

So not long after that we shortened it to just Biz.

And it stuck.

People always ask us why we call you Biz. And the story isn't long but it is kind of weird so I don't like telling it but I thought you should know.

Not that I think it will stick...

Your dad and I are still the only ones that call you that.

Everyone else thinks it's weird.

I think it's cool.

So, goodnight Biz. I love you.

Sincerely, Lor Flor (one of my nicknames. And yes, that was your dad's doing.)