August 29, 2010


Dear Brooklyn

You are growing so fast. You learn new stuff everyday and I am constantly amazed by you.

I love how happy you are. You laugh all day long (even it is fake laughing half the time).

Your vocabulary has been growing a lot. Now you say diddy diddy (kitty kitty), dup (up), da da, mom (which you think means "more"), dank ooh (thank you), and oh oh (uh oh). You also do sign language for more and food.

You love love love to dance. We love to show your dancing off. We play some music and you start shaking. You bounce up and down, bob your head, rock side to side, and roll your shoulders around (my personal favorite). It is soooo cute.

You also cruise around the furniture at top speed. You're even getting brave enough to stand without holding on to anything now. I am sure you will be taking your first steps in no time.

I love you so much, little one. You add so much substance and meaning to my life. Good night, Brooklyn, sleep tight.

Sincerely, mom