August 28, 2010


Dear Kurt,

It's pretty late but I am trying to stay up till one so that I can with my sister, Christina, a Happy Birthday as soon as is strikes twelve her time so here I am trying to kill time with a funny story that I am sure you will never want to forget:

It was late last night and I was sound asleep when all of a sudden you jump out of bed and run/jump-like-a-crazy-person to the bathroom where you proceed to slap yourself in the legs while you continue to jump around. After several minutes you come back to bed but leave the light on in the bathroom.

When you lay down I ask "What's wrong?" You say "there were spiders in the bed." Of course... I should have guessed, so I ask "why's the light on?" and you reply kind of grumpily now because you can't figure out how I don't know the answer to that question already "because of the spiders!!" Ok. So needless to say we slept the rest of the night with the bathroom light shining in on us to scare the spiders away.

The next day I questioned you about the events that had occurred. One question I asked was why you went to the bathroom to get the spiders off your legs rather then just turning on the bedroom light that is by your side of the bed. You answered in your biggest "Duh" voice: "because spiders don't like tile!"

I'm beginning to wonder if you're losing it.

Sincerely, Lori