August 30, 2010



Dear Kurt,

Today you started a brand new job! This is a huge change for us.

You are going from owning your own fencing business and working whatever hours you wanted, to working for Brent Gordon Law Office. Big change! But it is a great opportunity.

The job literally came from out of the blue. Their secretary is leaving soon to have a baby and Brent Gordon is leaving soon to open another office in a different city, so they have been having a lot of interviews. Nobody seemed right for the job. Brent's brother, Mike, will be taking over Brent's position and they needed someone to come in to take over Mikes position.... Mike is in our ward and we go paintballing with him so one night we had him and his family over to play some games. He started asking you what you were going to school for and what not. A few days later he called and told you about their situation and offered you the job! We didn't even know they were looking.

The whole thing was really unexpected. We were planning on you fencing till the end of November then go to school in January and then start fencing again around April when the snow melts.... now that won't be the case. But we are totally okay with that. This job will give you a ton a experience, including accounting stuff.

I feel Heavenly Fathers hand in this so strongly. Like He is taking us in a new direction that we didn't even know we needed to go until now. I am extremely grateful and still overwhelmed by the situation. I guess we shouldn't have decided that we had it all figured out before.

So now I give you my little bit of advice: Work hard, work smart, show them what you're made of, and have some fun along the way.

I love you and am so proud of you.

Good luck.

Sincerely, Lori