February 16, 2011



Dear Kurt,

I just got out of the shower and was standing in our room picking out some clothes when I heard a loud noise.

It was a weird sound and I couldn't quite place where in the house it came from.

I got worried that Brooklyn might have climbed out of her crib but when I snuck into her room she was sound asleep.

A few minutes later I looked over my shoulder and thought I saw something move. I do this to myself all the time. It is usually just my hair or a spot in a mirror or something that makes me think I see something move. I shrugged it off and ignored the creepy feeling I got.

A while later while I was getting ready in the bathroom and Brooklyn was playing on the floor next to me I heard another sound.

I told myself to stop freaking out or I am going to have to admit myself into Blackfoot South.

I couldn't keep myself from scanning the bathroom for possible weapons to protect Brooklyn and myself in case it wasn't all in my head.

Several house later I was getting the vacuum out of the closet by the front door when I heard another loud noise. Something inside my head screamed "Take Brooklyn and get out of here!"

I grabbed a blanket that was on the couch, wrapped it around Brooklyn (I wasn't going to go wandering around looking for a coat for her), and left the house.

I decided to walk down to Camille's house since the next door neighbors were sick. By the time I got about 30 yards I realized it was snowing. Camille's house suddenly seemed forever away. I eyed the Olsen's house as I walked by but it didn't look like anyone was home and I didn't want to take even the slightest detour in case they weren't because Brooklyn's nose was already turning red.

Camille kindly let us stay at her house until you got home (which was only half an hour, yes I couldn't stick it out in our house for even half an hour!). She didn't even look at me like the lunatic I was. I think she was convinced of the creepiness that was following me today, though, when the lights at her house started flickering.

When we got back to our house you did a long and thorough sweep and declared the house predator-less. I guess I am going crazy, but I wasn't going to be the girl who heard noises and had a bad feeling and then ended up getting attacked because she ignored it.


You even double checked the house before you left for basketball and I'm sure I will have you check again before we crawl into bed.

Thanks for dealing with my craziness and I might just try to beg you to stay home from school tomorrow even though I know you can't. This creepy feeling is still lingering a little bit.

So, how about we read our scriptures and say and extra long prayer and hopefully I will get some peaceful sleep.

And just in case something does happen to us: I love you so much. And I love Brooklyn so much.

I just gave myself the chills. Grrrr...... I hate this.

Sincerely, Lori