February 6, 2011


Dear Kurt,

This week was special.

This week you were leaving for several days and so I wanted to do something different to keep part of you with me everyday.

Every day I wore something of yours.

Monday I wore your vest.

Tuesday I wore your socks.

Wednesday I wore your sweater.

Thursday I wore you jacket.

Friday and Saturday I wore your shirts.

Saturday I wore your tie.

The sweater and one of the shirts I sewed up so they were my size since they got too small for you. I think I am going to do that to all your old clothes you don't wear anymore.

I am excited for lots of additions for my wardrobe. So if you are missing anything then check in my closet. Chances are I laid claim to them.

I love you.

And your clothes.

Except your pants. I couldn't make those work for me no matter how hard I tried.

Sincerely, Lori