April 2, 2011


Dear Kurt,

So, yesterday was April Fool's Day.

I love April Fool's Day. I think everyone should get the day off from work and school so we can spend all day playing pranks.

Our pranking started off just after midnight.

I woke you up right after you had fallen asleep and told you Brooklyn was awake and you should go find out what she wants.

You soon realized it wasn't true and I laughed and said "April Fool's day!!"

You hate being woken up so you didn't find it funny.

Just like you don't like being woken up, I don't like being messed with in the morning.

Which is why I only found it semi funny when I opened the bathroom door and was immediately showered with flour.

Our text messages that morning went like this:

Me: Is that how you want to play?

You: Be nice.

So, being really nice, I went to the computer and listed your truck for sale on craigslist for super duper cheap.

A little while later I received another text message:

You: Well played.

Me: Thank you.

You then removed the post and changed your craigslist password.

Several hours of still getting calls and messages about your truck:

You: Curse you.

Me: Ha ha ha!

Later that night we went to our next door neighbors and played craigslist pranks and phone pranks on several other people.

My favorite was listing our neighbors friends I-pad for $150 to which he received about a call a minute for a couple hours, including a rather long and hilarious one from me. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

Do all April Fool's jokes have to happen on the first day of the month? Because I have several good prank I still want to play....

So sleep with one eye open.

And knowing you, I will do the same.

Sincerely, Lori