April 23, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

This morning we woke you up early (which was our first mistake of the day) to go to a ward breakfast and Easter egg hunt.

You "found" three eggs that a nice lady gave to you.

Then you were super grumpy so we took you home and put you back to bed.

You woke up by the time one o'clock rolled around.

Then after shopping and web-camming with Grandma and Grandpa Brooksby, you were grumpy enough for another nap.

An hour and half passed and you woke up just in time to dye easter eggs.

Actually you only dyed half an egg and slowly picked apart two others.

Then a few friends came over, you found eggs, we ate Golden Rod (one of our only Easter traditions so don't forget it), watched Cars, and talked.

Now you are in bed and have no idea that tomorrow is Easter!

You will love it.... if you ever get your "vacation lag" and being sick and start eating again.

But I think you will love it either way.

And I will love you either way.

Sincerely, Lori