March 5, 2011



Oh, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt.

You are super competitive when it comes to sports or games.

You go from high to low, from left to right, and from corner to corner about as fast as a PMSing 15 year old girl.

It is quite entertaining. Especially when you foul out of a game and I can take pictures of several of these emotions while you sit on the bench.

Your basketball team is 0-6, or something like that, so the "highs" during these games are few and far between.

I missed three of your most angry moments: you kicking a chair, you hitting a chair, and you ripping of your jersey and throwing it.

I am going to be a good mom to our daughter now and say "tisk, tisk. Control your temper." I really hope our kids inherit my level-headedness.

Because I am oh, so level-headed. (Don't go back and read this.)

I love you. Even when you are ticked off and embarrassing me.

Sincerely, Lori