March 20, 2011


Dear Everyone,

I mentioned last week that this weeks Styling Sunday was going to be a theme week. And the theme is Things That Were Gifted To Me.

Here's the rundown:

Monday - My mom hand knitted me these amazing fingerless gloves! I am in love with them. They are super cute and warm. Thank you, mom! For once I am glad I live in cold weather so I can receive them.

Tuesday - Another thing from my mommy. What can I say? She loves me. It's the brown shirt with the buttons.

Wednesday - Notice the amazing necklace? My sister, Christina, made it. It is so cool! I spent three days trying to find something to wear that did this thing justice. She made herself one too and she blogged about it here.

Thursday - My lil' sister, Kimmy, lives in Florida and works at the great Walt Disney World. After she moved there I immediately asked her to watched out for a super cute sweatshirt for me. She found this. I love it so much, one time I wore it everyday for a week until Kurt asked me to finally wash it. I added some mickey ears this week to make the outfit complete.

Friday - No picture for Friday but I wore cute black shirt my mother-in-law gave me.

Saturday - For our one year anniversary, Kurt surprised me with this very cute coat that I had been eyeing at Target forever. I love it soooo much.

Sunday - I have been wanting a man's watch for a long time now so one day I called up my dad and he sent me pictures of his "watch graveyard." I chose this one for three reasons. 1. It really was my favorite. 2. It was the only watch in the graveyard that still worked. 3. It is the same one that my dad currently wears everyday. I think it's pretty stinkin' adorable that my dad and I have matching watches.

Sincerely, Lori